A new species of leafhopper that looks like a Triceratops



Cornutipo chillagoensis, een nieuwe soort cicade met drie 'horens'.
A new species of leafhopper that looks like a Triceratops
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Two entomologists have described a new species of leafhopper native to Australia that has a special head with three "horns".

It was at the bottom of a hill next to the campsite near Chillagoe National Park (Queensland), that they discovered several new species of Hemiptera, including a new leafhopper that feeds on young Acacia shrubs. This new species of 7-8 millimeter leafhopper is the most spectacular. The researchers quickly concluded that it was closely related to another species called Cornutipo tricornis due to the presence of three recognizable facial horns. The new species was named Cornutipo chillagoensis in reference to the small town of Chillagoe, where the specimens were collected.

In addition to identifying these new specimens and their food plant, our colleagues were able to document their relationships with other animal species. Ants come to collect the honeydew produced by these leafhoppers. This relationship is called trophobiosis.

Today, the team still has dozens of new species to describe, from Chillagoe as from other localities explored during the expeditions...


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