Museum Night Fever 2015 offers humour, photography and jazz



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Museum Night Fever 2015 offers humour, photography and jazz
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Reinout Verbeke

The Museum as you’ve never seen it before... mysterious and intriguing at night: that's Museum Night Fever! On the 7th of March you will encounter pantomimists, nature photographers and jazz musicians in our exhibition halls.

What will astonish you most? Our iguanodons looking at you from 125 million years ago, the whale at the entrance or the enigmatic characters you’ll encounter there? Meet a palaeontologist or put yourself in his shoes for a while... Panoramic photos will present nature in all its glory, down to the tiniest little-known details. And swing to the jazzy music of Charlie Jay Quartet.

  • Léonore Frenois & Les Exclus (pantomimists)
  • SWAMP (Society for Weird and Mad People, role playing)
  • Project 'Not Alone' of photographers Marie & Ghislain David de Lossy
  • Charlie Jay Quartet (jazz)


Museum Night Fever (info and tickets)

On Saturday 7th March

From 7.00pm to 1.00am

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