Two Humpback Whales in Our Waters




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Humpback whales in our waters (picture F.Kerckhof-OD Nature).
Two Humpback Whales in Our Waters
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Yesterday evening, 28 January 2016, 2 whales were observed in shallow waters off Ostend, Belgium.

As the initial news was rather disturbing ("2 sperm whales, 1 in difficulty"), the coastguard sent out a fast small vessel to keep the animals away from the coast. Little later, however, confirmed by the coastguard, it was clear that the observation concerned humpback whales. For this species shallow water is much less of a problem than for sperm whales and trying to keeping them away from shallow waters is not needed.

Only 2 confirmed other sightings of humpback whales exist for Belgium, and 2 strandings of which one in the 18th century and the other in 2006. Recently humpback whales have also been spotted in French and Dutch waters.

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