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Press release 18.01.23 - Tomb with crocodile mummies discovered in Egypt
Persdossier LUMINOPOLIS 2022
Press release 20.04.22 - Pterosaurs already had coloured feathers
Press release 31.03.22 - Mammals put brawn before brains to survive post-dinosaur world
Press release 23.02.22 - Reign of the dinosaurs ended in spring
Communiqué de presse 07.02.22 - Une défense fossilisée d'un éléphant de forêt
Press release 03.02.22 - Skeletons of hundreds of Ice Age hyena cubs found in Walloon cave
Press release 24.12.21 - Supergene turns spider into a ‘macho male’
Press release 06.12.21 - Two primitive mammals that lived at the end of the dinosaur era
Press release 23.11.21 - Marine mammals developed thicker bones as diving weights in super salty sea
Press release 17.11.21 - 360-million-year-old shark jaw discovered in Belgian Ardennes
Press release 24.09.21 - Insect defensive chemicals translated into sounds
Press Release 21.09.21 - Belgian mussels developed stronger shells
Press release 10.06.21 - Six New Snake Species Discovered
Press release 01.04.21 - Community of Eastern Chimpanzees Discovered in Remote Congolese Mountain Forests
Press release 09.03.21 - Neanderthals disappeared from Belgium thousands of years earlier than thought
Press release 01.12.20 - Researchers to make an inventory of human remains in the Belgian collections
Press release 30.10.20 - Already different types of dogs shortly after the Ice Age
Press release 22.09.20 - 18 Million Year Old Sperm Whale With 'Needle-Shaped' Snout
Persdossier Levende Planeet
Press release 08.09.20 - Dinosaurs Died Underground, Fossils Perfectly Preserved
Press release 30.04.20 - 3 Million Year Old Skeleton From Port of Antwerp Is New Puzzle Piece In Whale Evolution
Press release 21.04.2020 - Catfish Genes Key to Evolution of the African Landscape
Press release 19.02.10 - Teeth Wear Reveals: Dogs Already Domesticated During the Last Ice Age
Press release 17.01.19 - A Lot of Birds On The Menu 14.000 Years Ago in Belgian Trou de Chaleux Cave
Press release 15.01.20 - Urbanization Impoverishes Fauna
Press release 04.04.19 - Four-Legged Whale Ancestors Reached South America in an Otter-Like Swimming Style
Press release 15.01.19 - Sardines of Lake Tanganyika Prove One And Indivisible
Press release 06.12.17 - Stolen Dinosaur Skeleton Turns Out To Be Swimming Raptor
Palaeontologists Discovered a Primitive Iguanodon With Scissor-Like Teeth
Press release 11.05.17 - Baleen Whales’ Ancestors Were Toothy Suction Feeders
Press release 09.03.17 - Dental Calculus Reveals Neanderthal Menu
Press release 08.02.17 - Urbanization Homogenizes Insect Communities
Press release 04.11.16 - Scientists Worried About Oil Extraction Plans in African Great Lakes
Press release 24.10.16 - Medieval Mass Deforestation in Flanders
Press release - POISON / GIF (french)
Press release - POISON / GIF (dutch)
Press release 03.10.16 - Different Behaviour Leads to New Species
Press release 13.09.16 - Walk Online Through the Museum of Natural Sciences, Thanks to Google
Press release 16.09.16 - Are We Reintroducing The Wrong Sturgeon Species in Our Waters
Press release 06.07.16 - Belgian Neandertals Were Cannibals
Press release 25.05.16 - Constructions in French Cave Indicate Neanderthals Were More Modern than Assumed
Press release 04.02.16 - European Humans Underwent Hefty Shuffle at the End of Last Ice Age
Press release 21.01.16 - Facebook Users Help Inventorize Cambodian Lanternflies
Press release 14.10.15 - WoW - Wonders of Wildlife
Press release 16.07.15 - A Prehistoric Mammal with Blood Red Teeth
Persdossier 'De Galerij van de Mens - Onze evolutie, ons lichaam'
Press release 27.01.15 - Very rare mouse found in the mighty tepuis of the ‘Lost World’
Press release 27.11.14 - New Species of Stick Insect is Second Biggest Insect in the World
Press release 20.11.14 - Fossils Suggest Ancestor Horses Originated in India
Press release 14.11.2014 - Meteorite returns to our Museum
Press release 24.10.14 - 100th Edition of European Journal of Taxonomy
Press release 22.10.14 - Long-standing Enigmas of Deinocheirus mirificus Resolved
Press document 'Prehistory - Do It Yourself !' in Dutch
Press document 'Prehistory - Do It Yourself !' in French
Press document 'Baby Animals'
Press document 'The Ishango bone' in English - Short version only
Press document 'The Ishango bone'
Press release '250 years of Natural Sciences' in Dutch
Press release '250 years of Natural Sciences' in French
Press document '250 years of Natural Sciences' in Dutch
Press document '250 years of Natural Sciences' in French
Press document 'BiodiverCITY' in Dutch
Press document 'BiodiverCITY' in French
Press release 'Gallery of Evolution'
Press document 'Gallery of Evolution' in Dutch
Press document 'Gallery of Evolution' in French
Press document 'Mosasaur Hall' in Dutch
Press document 'Mosasaur Hall' in French
Press document 'The Dinosaur Gallery' in Dutch
Press document 'The Dinosaur Gallery' in French
Press document 'Brain twisters' in Dutch
Press document 'Brain twisters' in French
Press document '' in Dutch
Press document '' in French
Press release 04.07.2014 - All Dinosaurs Had Feathers
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