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Hoogstraeten-Lalaing (BR 061): Anthracolgical study

TitleHoogstraeten-Lalaing (BR 061): Anthracolgical study
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsMarinova, E
AbstractThe wood charcoal analyses of the site Hoogstraeten (BR061) have shown continuity of the used wood fuel through the period of occupation of the site (10-12th to 16-17th century), however the current results should be considered with certain care, as the number of the studied charcoal fragments from the lower Dark Earth layer is rather low. The finds from this layer from indicate reworked wood charcoals, which could considering the micromorphological studies on the site most probably were used as component of the manure spread over the plough layer from which the sample originates. The wood charcoal assemblages from the richest on wood remains structure (US 2230) indicate fuel wood dominated by the most common in the study area woods (beech and oak), but also are characterised by quite high diversity suggest use of all available wood resources.
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