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News - Making-of Plateosaurus Ben

135 years after the Bernissart Iguanodons, the Museum of Natural Sciences showcases an authentic and complete dinosaur fossil: Ben, the Plateosaurus from Switzerland.

After one and a half year of chiselling, gluing and welding, Ben the Plateosaurus – 6.4 meters long and 210 million years old – is the new star of our Museum of Natural Sciences. Plateosaurus was one of the first long-necked dinosaurs, possibly an ancestor of Diplodocus. This is Ben’s story.

News - Stolen Dinosaur Skeleton Turns Out To Be Swimming Raptor

An international team of scientists, along with Belgian palaeontologists, has described a new dinosaur that could swim. It is the first time this adaptation has been found so clearly in a dinosaur. The 75 million year old and exceptionally well-preserved Halszkaraptor fossil from Mongolia was poached and circulated in private collections.

News - Palaeontologists Discovered a ‘Primitive Iguanodon’ With Scissor-like Teeth

A team of Belgian and French palaeontologists has described a new dinosaur species that had scissor-like teeth. The fossil remains of Matheronodon provincialis – a primitive cousin of Iguanodon – were discovered in the South of France, during a ‘paleotrip’ of the Museum of Natural Sciences.

News - Dinosaur 'Silky' Key Fossil in Feather Evolution

Belgian palaeontologists have described a new, 165 million year old dinosaur species from Northern China. Serikornis sungei –nickmane ‘Silky’ – is an important fossil in the evolution of feathers in dinosaurs. Silky had feathers on its four limbs, but could not fly. The discovery suggests that ground-dwelling dinosaurs had feathers, possibly to impress mating partners or to warn enemies, before adapting an arboreal lifestyle or flight.

News - Crocodile de Maransart

News - Plateosaurus Ben: We Did It!


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