The iconic Iguanodons in our Dinosaur Gallery

1. Vertebrate Fossils (VF)

A. The Bernissart Iguanodons (‘Wealden’ dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period, from Belgium)
Hainosaurus bernardi
B. Mosasaurs (marine reptiles from the Cretaceous period, from Belgium)
Jawbone of the oldest European carnivore, Dormaalocyon latouri, from the basal Eocene, from Dormaal (Belgium)
C. The Dormaal Collection (microvertebrates from the basal Eocene period, from Belgium)
Turtles from the Messel Pit collection
D. The Messel Pit collection (vertebrates from the middle Eocene period, from Germany)
Whales collection shown in the Museum from 2009 to 2014.
E. The Van Beneden collection (whales from the Miocene period, from Belgium)
Bear teeth from the Dupont collection (Goyet cave, Belgium)
F. The Dupont collection (vertebrates from the Pleistocene period, from Belgium)


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