Our lithotheque

A. Lithotheque

The lithotheque is a collection of about half a million rock samples. This can be sand, clay, pebbles but also solid rocks. Most of the samples are linked to a certain place in Belgian with exact known coordinates and linked to a bore-hole description.

Our drill core archive

B. Carotheque

This collection is made up of cores. These cores are kept in our external depository in Péronnes-lez-Binche.



Collection of marble stones of the famous architect Victor Horta

C. Others

There are also smaller but not less important collections preserved in the Geology. For example the André Hubert DUMONT (1809-1857) collection. This is a reference collection dating from the beginning of the 19the century. Or the Schmitz collection, different samples from the Carboniferous period collected in the coalmines. 

Dimension stone collection

D. Building blocks (marble, Horta, …)

The collection building-stones contains of several different sub-collections. Most famous one is a collection of decorative building-stones from Victor Horta. There is also an extensive collection of natural building stones collected by Camerman. The collection "marbels" (fine polishable rocks) is also reasonable large. Visit the MARS website for images. Another important sub-collection are local building stones from Belgium monuments. These were collected during the renovation of the buildings. In the marble gallery of the geological survey, you can find an overview of Belgian marbles that was exploited at the end of the 20th century. Some of these were also used for the world expo in Brussels in 1897.


Collection de lames de roche

E. Sections

To understand a sediment or rock, it is handy to have a microscopic view. Thin sections will help you to take a closer look at the rocks. Over a 1000 thin sections are available, every one has been classified with the SGB number so there is an easy way to make the relation with borehole description and the sample.


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