Collection of Belgian minerals

A. Belgian minerals

The Belgian minerals are kept in a separate cupboard from the other minerals.

General collection of minerals

B. General collection

The general collection of minerals consists of minerals all over the world. They are classified according to class.


Mineral collection of Julien Drugman

C. Drugman collection

Julien Drugman was born in Brussels in 1875. He became a collaborator at the Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences in 1910. As a member of a rich family, he could travel a lot to buy minerals all over the world. He bought the specimens he could not collect himself.  Julien Drugman built a collection of about 4000 specimens of high quality. He was passionate about  twin crystals and has many publications about this mineral. The collection was donated to the museum in 1950, but he asked (that it was kept as a separate collection.

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