Geological description of the city of Ostend

A. Geological descriptions

Since the middle of the twentieth century, geologists have been collecting their geological descriptions in the archives of the geological survey. Later on this survey also collected many descriptions from the duty to report each drilling hole in Belgium. Not all the information is a high quality, but nevertheless it is a great source of information about the Belgian subsoil. All these descriptions are related to a certain place (x – y coordinates) and characterized by a unique GSB-number. This number is also the link to the samples in the lithotheque.


Geological figure of the village of Oosterzele (Belgium)

B. Figures, photos, drawings, sketches

We have many raster images that visualize the geological descriptions. They are classified in the same way as the geological descriptions.


Bore measurements of the city of Aarschot (Belgium)

C. Borehole measurements

After the drilling of a borehole, it is possible to make some geophysical measurements which helps a lot to make a good interpretation of the subsoil. It can be very useful for the driller to know where he can put the filter to collect the groundwater. We collected as much as possible of these measurements to link them with the descriptions so that the data-set at a certain point in Belgium is as complete as possible.


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