The petrography collection
1. Petrographic collection

This collection contains all kinds of petrographic samples. The origin is Belgian as well as foreign. They are classified either according to  geological origin (magmatic – sedimentologic or metamorph) or classified according to stratigraphical order.

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2. Speleothems

The Speleothem collection has been made up by Sophie Verheyden. It contains speleothems from Belgian and foreign caves. Several speleothems are already dated. The collection has the goal to use the sampled material in an optimal way in order to avoid duplicate sampling in caves. Speleothems are used at RBINS to reconstruct ancient climate and environments. More information on each speleothem is available in the DaRWIN database.

Collection of Belgian minerals
3. Mineralogical collection
Slice of the Gibeon meteorite, that fell in prehistoric times in Namibia. It was named after the nearest town: Gibeon.
4. Meteorites
Geological description of the city of Ostend
5. Drill core archive
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