One of the scientists showing a Goliath birdeater, a spider species from South America, conserved in alcohol

1. Arachnological collections

A. Acari collection (mites, dry collections)
  • Collection of oribatid mites put together by Prof. J-C Lions: mites collected between 1967 and 1970 from a limestone ridge in the South of France. The collection contains specimens from more than 200 Oribatid taxa.
  • Collection put together by Prof. Dr. A. Fain: about 100,000 microscopic slides, more than 30,000 type specimens, and 2,407 described species of Acari.
B. Araneae collection (spiders, in alcohol)
  • Belgian collection, J. Kekenbosch
  • Other alcohol collections: non-Belgian spider collection (Galápagos collection), diplopoda (millipedes), myriapoda (centipedes), scorpions and pseudoscorpions, and arachnids
Mantises (Mantodea) in the entomology collection

2. Insect collections (dry collections), 25 larger orders

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Damselflies and dragonflies (Odonata) in the collection of De Selys Longchamps (© RBINS, Thierry Hubin)
E. Odonata (damselflies and dragonflies)
Belgian collection:
General collection:
De Selys Longchamps collection:

We also hold an extensive archive of watercolours belonging to De Selys Longchamps, of which 1,500 have now been digitised with a view to opening them to the public online. You can find these in the virtual collections website of the RBINS.



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