The support services staff handle the institute's everyday administration and technical operation. These services are provided in five areas:

  • The staff of the HR department look after about 430 personnel files. They provide staff and management with help and advice in all things related to human resources.
  • The staff of the financial & legal department manage the Institute's budgets, which are somewhere in the region of €20 million. They take care of purchases, monitor the government and research contracts and handle the payroll administration. They report to the management bodies and the Science Policy PPS. They also give advice on legal matters.
  • The main task of the staff of the ICT and multimedia department is to provide well-equipped computers and support in the development of new applications. The team also develops the multimedia applications used in the exhibitions and has built this website.
  • Technical and Logistic Services deal with the maintenance and improvement of the institute's buildings. They provide a smart and pleasant environment for museum visitors and personnel.
  • The Security and Surveillance department provides security for our collections, museum visitors and personnel.
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