EUROSEISMIC: European Marine Seismic Metadata and Information Centre


The principal objective of EUROSEISMIC is to compile a metadatabase of seismic profiles which image the European seabed and sub-seabed and are held by the project partners. These data mainly include seismic profiles and sonar records accumulated by the project partners during the last thirty years, but will also include similar data from external organisations, which are currently held by the project partners on a non-confidential basis. EUROSEISMIC will establish a metadatabase on the Internet for marine geophysical survey data held by the marine departments of the European geological surveys and their project partners.

It will consist of the following functionalities:

  • Data-entry with on-line data import module,
  • On-line data edit,
  • Data quality-control,
  • Data-retrieval by means of a map interface in combination with numerical extended search (allowing searches on mandatory and/or optional metadata fields),
  • Data exports,
  • Online-GIS interface for navigation and datas presentation.

The seismic metadata will include geospatial data recording the location of each seismic line, which can be displayed on a map interface with the metadatabase. For each seismic record, sufficient metadata elements will be made available to allow the end-user to quickly ascertain the quality of the data resources and to assess if they are suitable for their requirements.


For the Belgian Geological Survey, this project consists of :

  1. Making an inventory of the Belgian marine seismic data.
  2. Convert all the data to a digital format first approved by the partners.
  3. Transmit the metadata to Euroseismic.


The Marine Departments of the Geological Surveys of the following countries: United Kingdom, France, Greece, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Germany.

Internal member(s)
Cecile Baeteman
Pierre-Yves Declercq
EU funding
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