Tertiary isohypse-maps


By using the available geological datas (drillings, exposures, seismic profiles, geophysical logs...) isohypse-maps will be created at the base of each tertiary formations in Flanders and Walloon-Brabant.


Using all exposures and drillings datas, extracted from the archives of the GSB (Geological Survey of Belgium), DOV (underground databank of Flanders) or VGM (groundwater model of Flanders), attaining or passing through the formation base and using data from seismic profiles, geophysical logs etc digital datasets are composed. 
The different observations are mutually compared and controled. Errors are logged and eventually corrected where possible. 
For every Tertairy formation an isohypse-map is constructed either by gridding the datasets using an appropriate gridding method or by contouring manually if automatisation fails. The results are controled for internal and mutual consistency and compared with data from other sources. The final results are stored in digital form and graphically represented in a GIS-system.


Related media(s)
Isohypse-map of the base of the Gent formation
Internal member(s)
Herman Goethals
Michiel Dusar
Walter De Vos
Other member(s)
Geert De Geyter
Pascal Vancampenhout
Financed by the ministry of the Flemisch Community: Department of Natural Resources and Energy (ANRE) and partially by proper means.
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