The OneGeology-Europe program consists in uniting geological data and maps all over Europe at the 1:1,000,000 and make it web accessible. Through a multilingual webportal the European geological surveys will provide an interactive geological map of Europe.

The program will make a significant contribution to the progress of INSPIRE - i.e. develop systems and protocols to better enable the discovery, viewing, downloading and sharing of core European spatial geological data. In summary, OneGeology will goes through a harmonisation of the geological maps and will give a significant progress towards the harmonisation of cartographic data sets.


As part of Onegeology-Europe:

  • Development of an international exchange norm of the geological data, the GeoSciML who will allow sharing these data within the geological community.
  • Besides the 1:1,000,000 geological map, some partners will provide geological data at 1:50,000 with the aim of the development of thematic applications.
  • The Geological Survey of Belgium is involved in this program as supplier of geological data. He will also intervene in the characterisation of geological terms, ages and of lithologies to be used.

As a supplement to the objectives of Onegeology-Europe:
GSB will realise a new geological – lithostratigraphic map of Belgium at 1:250,000 based on a compilation of the most recent geological maps.

Program partners

21 European data providers and 9 end users of this program form a diversified but complementary consortium in terms of experiments and of competences.


Related media(s)
Geology in Europe 1:25M scale
Internal member(s)
Léon Dejonghe
Pierre-Yves Declercq
Globally 3.25 million Euro for a 2 years program, 2.6 millions are financed by the eContentplus program managed by The European Commission. eContentplus was adopted by the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 2006 establishing a Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (2007-2013) with the intention of returning more accessible, more usable and more exploitable numerical contents by making easier creation and broadcasting of information - in domains of general interest - at the level of the Community.
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