Geothermal platform of Wallonia

With the awareness of these last years on climate warming and scarcity of fossil energy sources, renewable energy sources undergo a fast growing development. The geothermal energy has the advantage to be a clean in terms of gas emissions and inexhaustible resource. Environmental risks and effects are very small in comparison to other energy generation systems. In this context the department of « Energie et du Bâtiment Durable (DGO4) du Service Public de Wallonie (SPW)» asks the GSB to evaluate the deep geothermal potential (› 300 m) of Wallonia.

Two different geothermal energies are considered here (from Vision 2020-2030, ETP-RHC Geothermal Panel, EGEC report):

  • low and medium enthalpy (deep aquifers exploitation with a temperature T comprising between: 30°C ‹ T ‹ 150°C );
  • high enthalpy (Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) or Hot Dry Rock (HDR)) with temperature 
    T › 150°C.

This project consisted in :

  • preparing and collecting data linked to deep geological structure and geothermal resource of the Walloon underground;
  • deducing two maps of geothermal energy interests: one for low to medium depth (300-3000 m), and another one for great depth (3000-6000 m).
  • This data will be published in next months through the cartographic portail of the SPW (DCO3).

In parallel, a 3D modelling of the Liège coal-measures basin and the top of carboniferous limestones was established. (Subcontractor: Geology Department, Laboratory of Georisk and Environment, University of Liège, Prof. Hans-Balder Havenith ).

Additionally, the Geoforma company (Vinciane Stenmans, independant Geologist), subcontractor of the project, provided her contribution of drilling companies expertise (technical aspects) and her recommendations for prospective drilling.

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Internal member(s)
Estelle Petitclerc
Yves Vanbrabant
Other member(s)
Hans-Balder Havenith (ULg)
Vinciane Stenmans (VS.GEOFORMA)
This project was financed by the Wallonia Public Service
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