The Pleistocene fauna in Palaeolithic sites: the human-animal connection

With this project we wish to widen and enrich the debate on human-animal relationships in the upper and middle Palaeolithic. One of the most obvious associations is the hunting of animals of prey by Palaeolithic people. This is still contested for large species such as the woolly mammoth or woolly rhinoceros. We continue to examine this controversial issue by studying not only prehistoric sites but also natural sites with large assemblages of these pachyderms. Also changes in the relative importance of reindeer, horse and large bovids in Palaeolithic assemblages will be analyzed to determine whether this can be related to a decline in the availability of certain species or to a deliberately choice of the prehistoric hunters. Furthermore, we are also interested in the use prehistoric people made of animals that are rarely studied from Palaeolithic sites, such as fishes and birds. Were these animals actively harvested? Were they utilized for food or can other uses be discerned? In addition, we intend to continue the study of the possible ritual dimensions of Palaeolithic faunal assemblages. These assemblages not only reflect subsistence practices but also the spiritual importance of the remains of hunted animals, as shown in the pilot project on Palaeolithic bear rituals. Such a study will be repeated for the other species present in Palaeolithic assemblages from Belgian, Czech and Russian sites, in order to recognize a possible religious world-view that could have influenced human-animal interactions during the Pleistocene. 


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Internal member(s)
Mietje Germonpré
Wim Van Neer
Quentin Goffette
Mircea Udrescu
Patrick Semal
Other member(s)
Martina Galetová, Mikhail Sablin, Hervé Bocherens, Damien Flas, Love Dalèn, Philippe Fosse, Michail Hofreiter, Hélène Rougier, Isabelle Crevecoeur
RBINS, Synthesys
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