Archaeosciences applied to sites in the Brussels Capital Region

Archaeozoological, archaeobotanical and anthropological analyses on sites from the Brussels-Capital Region with special emphasis on the following topics:

  • Subsistence strategies and consumption patterns as a marker of status during the  medieval and post-medieval periods. Differences between consumers from secular, noble and religious settlements.
  • Contribution to reconstruction of landscape evolution, combining geological, pedological, palynological, and anthracological data.
  • Interdisciplinary study of the modes of production, distribution and consumption of animal and plant foods during medieval and post-medieval times.
  • Study of agricultural practices in historic contexts using archaeological, bioarchaeological and pedological data.
  • Reconstruction of funerary practices, diet, health and activities of historic human populations.


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Internal member(s)
Wim Van Neer
Elena Marinova
Kim Quintelier
Lien Speleers
Wim Wouters
Other member(s)
Ann Degraeve & Stéphane Demeter (Brussels Capital Region)
Yannick Devos, Cristiano Nicosia, Luc Vrydaghs (CreA, ULB)
Conventions RBINS-Brussels Capital Region
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