Scientific research

Staff at the Directorate Earth and History of Life conducts fundamental and applied research in the fields of geology, palaeontology, bioarchaeology and human evolution, all under three multi-disciplinary research programmes.

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Research programmes

Researchers at the Geological Survey of Belgium study the evolution of the lithosphere, the geological component of our environment, and its mineral and energy resources. They also provide the scientific expertise of a federal geological department within EuroGeoSurveys.
Palaebiosphere Evolution
The Paleobiosphere Evolution programme conducts research into the evolution of the biosphere and its interactions with the geosphere: the biodiversity and evolution of fossil flora and fauna, the reconstruction of fossil environments and paleoclimatology.
Quaternary Environments & Humans
Researchers on the Quartenary Man and Environments programme study the physical and cultural aspects of human evolution, as well as the interactions between man and his physical and biotic environment in the past. Subsidised by the regions, they also provide expertise in the field of archeosciences.
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