Geological maps of Flanders

Maps of Flanders

The survey is made on scale 1/50.000. All the 24 sheets are published.

The sheets have the nrs.: 7-1, 8-2, 9-3, 11-121314, 15, 161718-1019-2021222324252627-282930, 31, 323334.

Look into the detailed list of geological maps of Flanders :  SC_EARTH_prodmapF

Each sheet consists of a set of documents: the geological map and several profiles and transparent overlays. Italic numbers: with booklets; for the remaining numbers, the booklets will be send automatically to the buyers of these maps.

Price: 37,20 €; explanatory booklets included. 

These maps can be obtained at the following addresses:

Geological Survey of Belgium

Rue Jenner 13, B-1000 Brussels
Phone: 02 627 04 16/19
Fax: 02 647 73 59
Orders by email:
or directly in the library

Flemish Government

Division Natural Resources and Energy
North Plaza B
Koning Albert II-laan 7, B-1210 Brussels
Phone: 02 553 46 00
Fax: 02 553 46 01
Order online:

Geological Quaternary maps of the Flemish Region are made also on the 1/50.000 scale.

These maps can be ordered at

Price: 12.00 €.

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