DESIGNATE - Decision Support under Uncertainty for Geothermal Applications

Geothermal energy as a renewable, continuously available source of energy can help reducing our climate impact and increasing energy security. Shallow, closed-loop systems provide a source for heating in combination with heat pumps. Deeper systems provide thermal energy that can be used as a heat source for district heating networks, industrial applications and even electricity production.

The DESIGNATE project (Decision Support under Uncertainty for Geothermal Applications) targets geothermal applications that extract heat from deep reservoirs or from abandoned mines for heating or for the co-generation of heat and electricity. The uncertainties associated with deep and unconventional resources are much larger than for shallow or conventional ones. In addition, uncertainty about the geological properties results in financial risks, inhibiting investments in deep geothermal projects.

Regional forecast about the potential of deep geothermal in the Belgian energy mix should integrate these uncertainties. The overall objective of the project is to create interdisciplinary assessment tools to evaluate possible future scenarios under uncertainty for geothermal systems in Belgium, and to set-up a methodological framework for territorial Life Cycle Assessments considering surface and subsurface impacts. The developed tools will allow for incorporating uncertainties in integrated geological, techno-economic and environmental assessments, leading to a better understanding of the available geothermal resources, their potential for application and their influence on other activities, the economy and the environment.

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DESIGNATE workflow
Internal member(s)
Kris Welkenhuysen
Bruno Meyvis
Kris Piessens
Other member(s)
Tine Compernolle, Steven Van Passel, Spiros Gousis – University of Antwerp (Department of Engineering Management)
Olivier Kaufmann, Pascal Goderniaux, Nicolas Dupont – University of Mons (Department of Geology and Applied Geology)
Ben Laenen, Virginie Harcouët-Menou, Johan Matthijs, Justin Pogacnik – VITO (Sustainable Land Use)
The DESIGNATE project receives funding from the BELSPO BRAIN-be 2.0 research programme under contract nr B2/191/P1/DESIGNATE
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