BUG: Brussels Urban Geology

Computerization of geological data of the Brussels Region subsoil


Brussels city doesn't escape in spurt urbanization and important building sites. The knowledge of the subsoil is essential to manage the development of a big city. The data dispersion between several geological actors is constricting for a fast and actual evaluation of the subsoil information. Idea's program is to cover up this deficiency and to give to the authorities the possibility of asking a performing computer system (Brussels Urban Geology) that will allow a fast and direct access to 2D and 3D geology of the Brussels subsoil. This tool will be developed for users in the domains of engineering works (subway extensions, creation of new tunnels, block implantation, construction of underground parking).


This program articulates on 3 axes:

  • GIS development based on 3D models of the geological structures of Brussels subsoil,
    • The first stage depends on geological data collected during the GEODOC project (computerization of the GSB data).
    • The collect of new data at different actors will be the next stage.
  • Elaboration of thematic maps using whole information and data consultation through spatial and cartographic requests.
  • The working out of a method that could be applied to other big cities with complex geological problematic.

BUG project concerns the Brussels region (yellow on the map). Subdivisions (black rectangles) correspond to the map grid at scale 1/5000 published by the minister of public works through the Brussels region.

BUG study focuses for the moment on 8 maps (see figure, shaded blue squares, 31-3 1 to 8) covering an area of 80 km² in the centre of Brussels!

Related media(s)
Blue rectangles: in progress; limit of the Brussels Region in yellow (152 KB) Topographical background: extract map n°109 at scale 1/100.000 (© National Geographic Institute)
Internal member(s)
Xavier Devleeschouwer
Xavier Delforge
Other member(s)
F. Pouriel
Wages paid by Federal Science Policy permitting to recruit supplementary researchers for the scientific institutes: law of 18 July 1997, and Royal Decree of 19 august 1997.
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