Hydrogeological Time series Datas


The analysis of the evolution of the groundwaterlevel in some piezometers measured on a regular basis and during a long period of time. These analysed piezometerdata will organised by aquifer and interpreted in order to describe the evolution of some aquifers and to explain the data by meteorological variations, groundwater withdrawal and eventually by other influences.


From the 750 piezometric datasets, measured or collected by the GSB, only the data composing long time series ( > 20 y) are selected. The spectral analysis of these series are to be compared with meteorological data. This way factors influencing the piezometerlevels are isolated. The most likely influencing factors are then compared between all the datasets. From this analysis general conclusions will be drawn on the individual piezometers and after mutual comparison also on each aquifer.

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Indication of important frequencies (highest peaks) of some piezometerdata
Original series of piezometerdata (gray line), the model of the data without seasonal component (black line) and the model of precipitation-evaporation data without seasonal component (red line)
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Herman Goethals
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B. Kastbjerg
Financed by proper means GSB/KBIN.
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