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KEREAD - Rad Sequencing to Reconstruct The Evolutionary History Of The Cichlid Assemblages Of The Lake Victoria Region Superflock

The cichlid species flocks of the East African Great Lakes form the most spectacular examples of adaptive radiation and explosive speciation in vertebrates. The endemic cichlid species flocks from some of the lesser lakes, such as Albert, Edward and Kivu have remained largely overlooked. The endemic cichlids inhabiting these lakes, together with those of Lake Victoria, are very closely related and are collectively referred to as the Lake Victoria region Superflock (LVRS). Using RAD data we will attempt to distinguish between selected Lake Victoria species reconstruct a detailed phylogeny of the LVRS reliably estimate the age of this radiation; and whether these young cichlid radiations evolved in-situ in these understudied lacustrine environments.


Internal member(s)
Maarten Van Steenberge
Carl Vangestel
Gontran Sonet
Erik Verheyen
Other member(s)
Jos Snoeks (RMCA-Tervuren)
Nele Mullens (JEMU, RMCA-Tervuren)
Massimiliano Vergilio (JEMU, RMCA-Tervuren)
Hannes Svardal (UAntwerp)
Belgian Science Policy (BELSPO), Joint Experimental Molecular unit (JEMU)
Partners and sponsors
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