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HIPE - Human Impacts on Ecosystem Health And Resources In Lake Edward

Lake Edward is shared between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The lake is unique amongst the East African Great Lakes as its shoreline is completely surrounded by protected areas. Lake Edward stands out due to its high productivity, but, in the last decades, its fishery seemed to have collapsed. To investigate the causes of this decline, and to gain a better understanding of the recent and past functioning of the ecosystem, a multidisciplinary approach will be used combining biology, ecology, biogeochemistry, and socio-economics. In the RBINS we will study the genetic population structure of the main fisheries target species of this lake.


Internal member(s)
Maarten Van Steenberge
Erik Verheyen
Other member(s)
Alberto V. BORGES (ULg) - Coordinator
Thibault LAMBERT (ULg)
Steven BOUILLON (KULeuven)
Cedric MORANA (KULeuven)
David SOTO (KULeuven)
William OKELLO (Nafirri)
Jos SNOEKS (RMCA-Tervuren)
Eva DECRU (RMCA-Tervuren)
Nathan VRANKEN (RMCA-Tervuren)
Belgian Science Policy (BELSPO)
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