CLIMDIS - Management of the water quality in Vietnamese coastal waters impacted by CLIMate change and human induced DISasters using a marine modelling tool

Exploiting the ecosystem services of the World Natural Heritage of Ha Long Bay (HLB, North Vietnam) to develop tourism has contributed greatly to the socioeconomic development of Quang Ninh province. However, along with the socioeconomic development the water management of HLB became increasingly complicated. The water quality is rapidly declining; this reduces the attractiveness of HLB for tourists and threatens the sustainable development of the area. In the CLIMDIS project a 3D hydrodynamic model will be used as a base to develop a toolkit that can be used to assess, forecast and monitor the water quality of the bay and provide real time information on dispersal trends of organic pollutants. A better understanding of the extent of the impact of pollutants and the effects of human activity and climate change on the water quality will help to better manage the health of the marine ecosystem of this area, to minimise the negative impact on the socioeconomic development of the region and to react adequately to rapid changes in the water and ecosystem quality of the region. All this serves the goals of sustainable development.

The main outcome of the CLIMDIS project will be a beta version of a tool based on a 3D numerical marine model that can be operated by the Management Board of HLB through a GUI. The tool, useable by the Management Board, will assist them with assessing the consequences of natural (climate change, storm, erosion, …) or human induced disasters as well as with taking management decisions related to the water quality of HLB and hence will protect the quality of life in the region. Along with the tool a detailed manual and training will be provided. 

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Internal member(s)
Geneviève Lacroix
Katrijn Baetens
Other member(s)
Dr. Vu Duy Vinh (Institute of Marine Environment and Resources, Vietnam)
Dr. Do Tien Thanh (Ha Long Bay Management Department, Vietnam)
Belgian Science Policy (Bilateral Vietnam) – BL/36/VT43
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