EU BON: Building the European Biodiversity Observation Network

Sustainable governance of our biological resources demands reliable scientific knowledge to be accessible and applicable to the needs of society.

The fact that current biodiversity observation systems and environmental datasets are unbalanced in coverage and not well integrated brings the need of a new system which will facilitate access to this knowledge and will effectively improve the work in the field of biodiversity observation in general.

In light of the new Intergovernmental science-policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), such a network and approach are imperative for attaining efficient processes of data collation, analysis and provisioning to stakeholders.

A system that facilitates open access to taxonomic data is essential because it will allow a sustainable provision of high quality data to partners and users, including e-science infrastructure projects as well as global initiatives on biodiversity informatics.

EU BON proposes an innovative approach in terms of integration of biodiversity information system from on-ground to remote sensing data, for addressing policy and information needs in a timely and customized way.

The project will reassure integration between social networks of science and policy and technological networks of interoperating IT infrastructures. This will enable a stable new open-access platform for sharing biodiversity data and tools to be created.

EU BON’s 31 partners from 18 countries are members of networks of biodiversity data-holders, monitoring organisations, and leading scientific institutions.

EU BON will build on existing components, in particular GBIF, LifeWatch infrastructures, and national biodiversity data centres.

Internal member(s)
Aaike De Wever
Other member(s)
Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin (MfN)
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