SPatial and environmental determinants of Eco-Evolutionary DYnamics: anthropogenic environments as a model

The overall objective of SPEEDY is to obtain integrated insight into the responses of populations and communities to urbanization. The integrated nature of our research programme refers to the fact that we consider different biological levels (communities, populations) and we specifically address interactions between both ecological and evolutionary responses (eco-evolutionary dynamics). We also seek mechanistic explanations by looking at organismal traits, consider different stressors associated with urbanization, and perform concerted research on different organism groups and spatial scales. The research will translate into a capacity to provide improved predictions of responses of natural communities to urbanization by incorporating evolutionary responses.

Internal member(s)
Frederik Hendrickx
Other member(s)
KU Leuven
U Antwerpen
U Gent
University of Aberdeen (VK)
University of Quebec at Montreal (Canada)
Netherlands Institute of Ecology (Nederland)
National Research Council
Institute of Ecosystem Study ISE (Italiƫ)
Belspo , IUAP
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