AquaRES: Aquatic species Register Exchange and Services

AquaRES is a Belspo funded BRAIN project in which VLIZ, ULB and RBINS collaborate to set up the exchange between the species registers WoRMS, RAMS and FADA. The AquaRES project runs from end of 2013 until early 2016, but the collaboration, data exchange and developed tools will be continued through the 3 register initiatives.

This project provides an opportunity to improve the data entry tools for taxonomic experts, in order to facilitate the processing of their data and the entry of species distribution information.

The data exchange in AquaRES will be organised through web services, which will be publicly available for use in other initiatives, and improve the data exchange with international initiatives including Catalogue of Life, Encyclopaedia of Life, GBIF, LifeWatch and BioVeL (see also Related initiatives).

The combined data will also be used for setting up tools for performing quality control and validation species distribution data. These tools are currently under development, but don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you would like to be informed on their availability.

Internal member(s)
Koen Martens
Michel Kapel
Aaike De Wever
Other member(s)
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