Research projects

01/01/2020 to 30/06/2022

IMAROS (Improving response capacities and understanding the environmental impacts of new generation low sulphur MARine fuel Oil Spills)

The aim of the project IMAROS (Improving response capacities and understanding the environmental  impacts  of  new  generation  low  sulphur  MARine  fuel  Oil  Spills) is to develop recommendations for oil spill response involving the new generation of low-sulphur fuel oils, and to increase knowledge to understand potential e

18/12/2019 to 17/03/2023

CLIMDIS - Management of the water quality in Vietnamese coastal waters impacted by CLIMate change and human induced DISasters using a marine modelling tool

Exploiting the ecosystem services of the World Natural Heritage of Ha Long Bay (HLB, North Vietnam) to develop tourism has contributed greatly to the socioeconomic development of Quang Ninh province. However, along with the socioeconomic development the water management of HLB became increasingly complicated.

COPE (c) Anton Van de Putte
15/12/2019 to 15/03/2024

COPE - Conservation management of polar ecosystems: using genomic approaches to study connectivity


Polar ecosystems harbour a unique cold-adapted biodiversity that is threatened by rapid environmental change and increasing anthropogenic impact.

01/11/2019 to 30/04/2022

FORCOAST - Earth Observation Services for Fishery, Bivalves Mariculture and Oysterground Restoration along European Coasts

The FORCOAST project addresses the topic “DT-SPACE-01-EO-2018-2020 COPERNICUS MARKET UPTAKE” which seeks to foster market development exploiting the value of Copernicus Earth Observation Products.

SYMAPA image
01/10/2019 to 30/09/2022

SYMAPA - Synergy between Mariculture & Passive Fisheries

The main objective of this project is to find a synergy between mariculture and passive fisheries, so that both activities can be combined with higher profits and other benefits. Especially to seek a WIN-WIN situation between these two activities, such as sharing an area closed for beam trawl fishing, shipping time, mooring installation, etc.

15/04/2017 to 14/04/2021

ORCA - A comparative analysis of organic and conventional agriculture's impact on aquatic biodiversity

There is an ongoing debate on the choice of agricultural practices in terms of their impact on food security, ecosystem functioning and biodiversity. The impact of organic farming is expected to differ from that of conventional farming and is promoted under the current EU Common Agricultural Policy.

01/01/2017 to 31/12/2019


The project addresses the evaluation of the economic value of ecosystem services (ES) in UNESCO-MAB sites from a regional perspective (Africa) and focuses on sites from 4 countries: Benin, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda. The expected results will contribute to the transition to green economy in Africa.

01/12/2016 to 30/11/2020

Sustainable fisheries in Lake Tanganyika

Towards sustainable fisheries in Lake Tanganyika: integration of genetics, environmental data and stakeholder involvement. This project is a VLADOC scholarship, funded by VLIR-UOS, with a total budget of 145,000 €. 

xperibird project
01/01/2016 to 31/12/2021 is an educational project that aims to develop a tit nesting observation network across Belgium. It also seeks to familiarise school pupils with data collection and Internet data transfer techniques.

01/01/2016 to 31/12/2017

International networking of federal scientific institutions

This project was selected by Belgian Science Policy (BELSPO) in the context of strengthening the international networks of the Federal Scientific Establishments (ESFs), RBINS included. The global management was ensured by Dr Muhashy Habiyaremye (CEBioS).


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