Below you will find a list of the library’s latest acquisitions (update 17.03.2017)


1.      [Anonymous] Osteology and affinities of Dollo’s goniopholidid (Mesoeucrocodylia) from the Early Cretaceous of Bernissart, Belgium. Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, 2016, [not paginated]. [P6404/36-6]

2.      Ballantine, D.L. The mesophotic, coral reef-associated, marine algal flora of Puerto Rico, Caribbean Sea. Smithsonian Institution Scholary Press, 2016, 41 p. [P5652/105]

3.      Ballinger, M. Pincevent (1964-2014) : 50 années de recherches sur la vie des Magdaléniens. Centre archéologique de Pincevent, 2014, 96 p. ISBN 9782913745599 [C37981]

4.      Baron, H. Auf Gedeih und Verdeb : Mensch, Tier und Umwelt im Byzantinische Reich. Verlag des Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseum, 2016, 54 p. ISBN 9783884672747 [C37971]

5.      Beaugrand, G. Marine biodiversity, climatic variability and global change. Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2015, 474 p. ISBN 9781844076789 [NG37261]

6.      Brice, D. Stratorype Givétien. Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, 2016, 268 p. ISBN 9782856537916 [NG37256]

7.      Brzostowicz, M. Tu powstata Polska : katalog wystawy statej w Museum Archeologicznym w Poznaniu = It was here that Poland was born : Poznan Archeological Museum – catalogue of permanent exhibition. Museum Archeologicznym w Poznaniu, 2009, 144 p. ISBN 9788360109199 [C37962]

8.      Budha, P.B. A field guide to freshwater molluscs of Kailali, far western Nepal. Tribhuvan University, 2016, 83 p. ISBN 9789937013949 [C37976]

9.      Gaudin, T.J. Skeletal anatomy of the North American Pangolin Patriomanis Americana (Mammalia, Pholidota) from the Latest Eocene of Wyoming (USA). Smithsonian Institution, 2016, 102 p. [P5654/98]

10.  Fairon, J. Un siècle d’observations des chiroptères en Wallonie. Chez l’auteur, 2016, 5 volumes. [C37972]

11.  Forey, P.L. History of the Coelacanth fishes. Chapman & Hall, 1998, 419 p. ISBN 0412784807 [C37980]

12.  Gudmundsson, A. Rock fractures in geological processes. 4th printing. Cambridge University Press, 2015, 578 p. [NG37257]

13.  Henrard, D. Antarctica. A Belgian presence, supported by Defence since 1897! Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History, 2016, 39 p. ISBN 2870510632 [C37940]

14.  Henrard, D. Antarctica. Een Belgische aanwezigheid, gesteund door Defensie sinds 1897 ! Koninklijk Museum van het Leger en de Krijgsgeschiedenis, 2016, 39 p. ISBN 2870510632 [C37940]

15.  Henrard, D. L’Antarctique. Une présence belge, un projet soutenu depuis 1897 par la Défense! Musée royal de l’Armée et d’Histoire militaire, 2016, 39 p. ISBN 2870510632 [C37940]

16.  Hoffmann, G. Field guide to the geology of northeastern Oman. Borntraeger Science Publisers, 2016, 283 p. ISBN 9783443150990 [A5923/110]

17.  Julien, M. Un automne à Pincevent : le campement magdalénien du niveau IV20. Société préhistorique française, 2014, 639 p. ISBN 2913745539 [C37983]

18.  Knoll, E.-M. Camels in Asia and North Africa : interdisciplinary perspectives on their past and present significance. Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, 2012, 246 p. ISBN 9783700172444 [C37958]

19.  Masseti, M.M.G. Atlas of terrestrial mammals of the lonian Aegean Islands, De Gruyter, 2012, 302 p. ISBN 9783110254570 [C37969]

20.  Matthews, R. The neolithisation of Iran : the formation of new societies. Oxbow Books, 2013, 296 p. ISBN 9781782971900 [C37970]

21.  Musée National Suisse. Galerie des collections. Musée National Suisse, 2009, 223 p. ISBN 9783905875010 [C37975]

22.  Musée National Suisse. Histoire de la Suisse. Musée National Suisse, 2009, 184 p. ISBN 9783905875058 [C37974]

23.  Newton, A. Sustainability of future coasts and estuaries. Elsevier, 2016, p. 271-451. [P5952/183B]

24.  Robillard, T. Insects of Mount Wilhelm, Papua New Guinea. Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, 2016, 573 p. [P4232/209]

25.  Schmidt, J. Advances in Coleoptera systematics and faunistics. Verlags Peks, 2016, 473 p. [PE8860/112-1]

26.  Soulier, P. André Leroi-Gourhan “l’homme, tout simplement”. Éditions de Boccard, 2015, 186 p. ISBN9782701803593 [C37982]

27.  Thach, N.N. Vietnamese new mollusks. 48HrsBooks Company, 2016, 205 p. ISBN 9780578182247 [C37977]

28.  Valentin, F. La chaîne opératoire funéraire : ethnologie et archéologie de la mort. Éditions de Boccard, 2014, 47 p. ISBN 9782701803524 [C37982]

29.  Wickland, K. Methane emissions from oceans, coasts, and freshwater habitats : new perspectives and feedbacks on climate. Wiley, 2016, 400 p. [P439/61(S1)]

30.  Yeats, R.S. Earthquake time bombs. Cambridge University Press, 2015, 346 p. ISBN 9781107085244 [NG37260]


The library has collections that are located elsewhere within the RBINS:

  • Entomology
  • Biodiversity
  • Conchology (Dautzenberg Collection)
  • Geology (following the merger with the Geological Survey of Belgium)

Publications from these various collections are included in our catalogue and can be consulted in the reading room.


As part of the review of the library collections selections are made in the form of themed bibliographies. Depending on the themes, these include references in French, Dutch and/or English.

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