Publishing is one of the key things researchers do. It is the only way they can spread new knowledge to their colleagues and the general public. In addition, their ‘research output’ – the articles, expert reports, applications, etc. that they produce – is also an important criterion for funding, for the researchers themselves as well as for their research groups or institutions.

Our researchers publish around 800 expert reports and scientific articles per year. These scientific articles regularly appear in internationally renowned journals such as Nature and Science. However, our researchers also write around forty science outreach articles each year.

You can find all of these publications in our database.

The institute also publishes its own journals and scientific reports or monograph series. Their editing, publication, and distribution are coordinated by the Scientific Publications Unit.

For more information, please contact:

Isabelle Gérard, head of service

  • ‘PROFESSIONAL PAPERS of the Geological Survey of Belgium’; ISSN 0378-0902; paperback
  • ‘MEMOIRS of the Geological Survey of Belgium’; paperback; ISSN 0408-9510
  • ‘Offshore wind farms in the Belgian part of the North Sea’
  • ‘Environmental Impact Assessment Reports’ (‘Milieueffectenbeoordeling’)
  • ‘Fauna of Belgium’, monographs series, paperback
  • Monographs special issues, hardcover
ordering printed copies

The lists of RBINS scientific publications that are available in hardcopies can be consulted here:

RBINS list 2017 GEOLOGY Memoirs.pdf

RBINS list 2017 GEOLOGY Prof Paper survey.pdf

RBINS Monographs 2017.pdf

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