Rivers and lakes@RBINS



Our researchers study freshwater fauna in rivers, lakes, ponds, pools, springs and groundwater in Belgium, not to mention elsewhere in Europe, Russia, South America, Africa and Australia. Although some of them base their research on the fossils in our collections (of fish in particular), the majority focus on modern species such as ostracods (microscopic crustaceans that are about 1mm long and whose presence can tell us about quality of their habitat), macro-invertebrates (including beetles, shield bugs, other insect larvae, slugs and worms) and amphibians (e.g. frogs and salamanders). Sometimes the researchers even create genetic “ID cards” of the species they are working on by using a technique called DNA barcoding.

Modern and fossilised freshwater animals including insects, molluscs, fish, amphibians, turtles and crocodiles are on display in the Museum. Discover them for yourself with a self-guided visit or by taking part in an activity ran by our Education Service.

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