Belgian Biodiversity Platform

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The Belgian Biodiversity Platform is a Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (BelSPO) initiative that works in cooperation with Belgian federal authorities, including our Institute. It provides services to the Belgian scientific community engaged in biodiversity research.

The Belgian Biodiversity Platform supports biodiversity research by providing services related to:

  • Data publication and data use: we offer services to Belgian researchers in the publication, standardisation, management, cleaning and use of biodiversity data. This includes the digitalisation of specimen collections or observations by means of an annual digitisation call. We also host and develop biodiversity related web portals like the Belgian data portal and the IFBL data portal on the Flora checklists of Belgium. In this context, we are also the contact point for the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF).
  • Science networking: the Belgian Biodiversity Platform serves as an interface between Belgian researchers and international science policy organisations. Our active presence at international fora improves the visibility and engagement of Belgian scientists in global initiatives. We are involved in a variety of organisations and projects at the national, European and international levels (e.g. SBSTTACBD, IUCNFUTURE EARTH) and also serve as a national focal point for IPBES. As such, the Belgian Biodiversity Platform acts as a catalyst for the integration of research into biodiversity science policy. It is also the secretariat for the European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategies (EPBRS) and is part of the BiodivERsA coordination team.
  • Biodiversity research: we promote research by encouraging communication and discussion amongst scientists, policy makers and other stakeholders through the animation of ‘Communities of Practice’ related to biodiversity research. There are currently three topical areas established: Ecosystem Services, Invasive Species, and Public Health. We also advise in the designation of biodiversity research priorities. Our organisation also provides services of networking, training and capacity building to Belgian and international experts through conferences, courses, workshops and e-consultations. Each of these activities allows participants to generate, assess and use knowledge on biodiversity.
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