Micro-CT-Scan Naterra


RBINS is active in the marine, freshwater and terrestrial realm, and as a renowned natural history museum, it has considerable expertise with imaging techniques.

RBINS manages the RV Belgica and associated marine instrumentation portfolio (contact: Lieven Naudts), conducts underwater sound measurements (contact: Steven Degraer) and has an accredited analytical lab for analyses of environmental variables, pollutants and explosives in the marine environment (contact: Koen Parmentier). Through its aircraft, RBINS can perform client-based aerial quality measurements (contact: Ronny Schallier).

Genomic analyses can be conducted across biological domains (contact: Isa Schön)

Geological services include analytical identification and characterization of minerals (contact: Sophie Decrée), rocks (contact: Eric Goemaere) and surface and subsurface geological monitoring and photogrammetry (contact: Christian Burlet).

As an internationally recognized natural history museum, RBINS disposes of several high-quality imaging and 2D and 3D digitization techniques (contact: Patrick Semal).

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