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News - Q&A with palaeontologist Thierry Smith about the origin of monkeys

MONKEYS - Lecture 16.11.2017 - Thierry Smith

Dans le cadre de l'exposition LES SINGES, le Muséum vous propose 11 nocturnes inédites ! Visitez l'expo de 17h30 à 21h30 et assistez dès 19h soit à une conférence, soit à la projection d'un documentaire suivie d'un débat.

À l’occasion de la nocturne du 16.11.2017, Thierry Smith donnera une conférence intitulée L’origine et l’évolution des primates : des progrès de branches en branches.

News - Dinosaur 'Silky' Key Fossil in Feather Evolution

Belgian palaeontologists have described a new, 165 million year old dinosaur species from Northern China. Serikornis sungei –nickmane ‘Silky’ – is an important fossil in the evolution of feathers in dinosaurs. Silky had feathers on its four limbs, but could not fly. The discovery suggests that ground-dwelling dinosaurs had feathers, possibly to impress mating partners or to warn enemies, before adapting an arboreal lifestyle or flight.

News - Crocodile de Maransart

News - Popular Bat Genus Is Millions of Years Older Than Thought

Our palaeontologists have found the oldest fossil of the extant bat genus Myotis (mouse-eared bat). This proves that the widespread genus has existed at least 7 million years earlier than previously assumed.

Trails - Baby Animals

On this trail, you will meet baby animals from the past, present and future! Find the 6 letters of the mystery word and go to the MuseumShop to receive a special card. It will help you take funny photos of yourself, your family, your friends or your favorite animal!


On Friday (21st April) from 7-11pm it’s PlateoNIGHT at the Museum! Special guests: BJ Scott, Axel Hirsoux, Propaganza Urban Artists. In the Dinosaur Gallery, come and meet the team who have been working on Ben the plateosaurus for nearly a year. You are invited to bid for unique objects in our auction, watch a live demonstration from a graffiti artist collective and enjoy performances from a selection of fabulous musicians.


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