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MONKEYS - Film+debate 08.02.2018 - The Vervet Forest

Our temporary exhibition MONKEYS comes with 11 nocturnes! Visit the exhibition from 17.30 to 21.30 and attend a lecture or the screening of a documentary (followed by a debate) from 19.00.

NEWS - Will climate change lead to more sole in the North Sea?

The common sole (Solea solea) is a flatfish with a high economical value (e.g. representing up to 40% of the annual profit of the Belgian fishery in recent years), that is therefore subject to a strong fishing pressure. In order to sustainably manage its stocks, it is necessary to not only consider fishing pressure, but also to estimate the impact of climate change on the abundance and distribution of sole. A new study provides the first insights: more larvae will arrive in the North Sea nurseries, but with strong local differences.

Dino: Ben the Plateosaurus

Ben the Plateosaurus is a genuine skeleton from Frick, in Switzerland. He was named after Ben Pabst, the palaeontologist who discovered him. The Plateoteam (made up of palaeontologists and technicians from the Museum of Natural Sciences) worked for 18 months to dig out his bones and reconstruct his skeleton. Since December 2017 he is on permanent display in the Dinosaur Gallery.

News - Stolen Dinosaur Skeleton Turns Out To Be Swimming Raptor

An international team of scientists, along with Belgian palaeontologists, has described a new dinosaur that could swim. It is the first time this adaptation has been found so clearly in a dinosaur. The 75 million year old and exceptionally well-preserved Halszkaraptor fossil from Mongolia was poached and circulated in private collections.

News - Atlas of Life

An international team of researchers has made a catalogue of all reptiles on Earth. It is the last chapter in the ‘Atlas of life’, the first global review of all vertebrates on our planet. The atlas can be an important tool for the conservation of wildlife.

To protect the life on our planet, we must know what and where that life is. That is why scientists created maps with all known land vertebrates on our planet.


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