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Seas and oceans
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Lecture P. De Deckker - The Belgica expedition 1897 - 1899

Learn about everything there is to know about the original Belgica expedition, which left Antwerp 120 years ago, and was the very first to overwinter in Antarctic waters. An amazing story of the discovery of the Gerlache Strait, and the collection of a vast amount of data in the fields of marine biology, meteorology, oceanography, sea floor sedimentology, sea ice and snow formation, and much more. All this while living in constant fear of the vessel being crushed , when the ship and scientists spent 13 months trapped in sea ice.

News - Marine Mammals In Belgium In 2016

In a new annual report, our scientists collect the available information on marine mammals in Belgium in 2016. Apart from an overview of marine mammals and remarkable fish washed ashore, it also focusses on the causes of death, revalidation and release of animals that were taken into care, and briefly introduces the research on the influence of offshore windmill parks on the harbour porpoise.

News - Algal Bloom Detected From Space

In May 2016, scientists observed an intense algal bloom very close to the Belgian coast. They managed this by using the European satellite Sentinel-2. This satellite can help monitor areas that are unreachable for a research vessel. In 2017, the same phenomenon was confirmed on the satellite images.

News - Crocodile de Maransart

News - Baleen Whales’ Ancestors Were Toothy Suction Feeders

Modern whales’ ancestors probably hunted and chased down prey, but somehow, those fish-eating hunters evolved into filter-feeding leviathans. An analysis of a 36.4-million-year-old whale fossil suggests that before baleen whales lost their teeth, they were suction feeders that most likely dove down and sucked prey into their large mouths.

News - Voor het eerst Groenlandse walvis gespot voor Belgische kust

News - Aerial Surveillance Results 2016

In 2016 RBINS flew a total of 273 hours on missions to observe the North Sea from the air. Our operators detected 33 instances of pollution caused by vessels at sea: 13 operational discharges and 20 accidental discharges. They also investigated sulphur emissions at sea: 120 vessels were suspected of emitting high levels of sulphur from their exhausts.

News - Update on the Environmental Effects of Wind farms in Belgian Waters

In Belgian waters, three wind farms are now operational, one is under construction, and five more will be constructed in the near future. By 2019, the number of wind farms constructed will have doubled with the realisation of the Nobelwind, Rentel and Norther projects that will have the largest individual turbines in our waters (up to 8.4 MW – reaching at 187 m above mean sea level!). The Operational Directorate Natural Environment (OD Nature) of RBINS coordinates the monitoring of the environmental effects of these wind farms on the marine environment.

News - First Observation of a Dwarf Sperm Whale in Belgium

On Sunday the 22nd of January 2017 there was a special observation at sea: a very rare marine mammal, a dwarf sperm whale (Kogia sima) has been spotted near Ostend!


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