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News - Woolly Mammoths Changed Diet Shortly Before Becoming Extinct in East European Plains

News - Dino Hunting Wyoming (3) - Fossil Fever

News - Dino Hunting Wyoming (2) - The Real Jurassic Park

News - Dino Hunting Wyoming (1) - Nice cemetery

News - Ancient Skull Suggests Whales Were Giant Before Baleen Arose

At least some whales became giants long before the emergence of filter feeding, a 34-million-year-old whale skull suggests.

News - Fusion18

Fusion18 is a temporary installation bridging the gap between the natural sciences and drawing. Discover our collections through scientific illustrations of our specimens, works by a well-known artist and sketches by enthusiastic amateurs.

News - Genomes of Five Late Neanderthals Provide Insights into Neanderthal History

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig have reconstructed the DNA of five ‘late’ Neandertals, two of them found on Belgian ground. By comparing the genome of the Neandertals, we gain insight in population shifts towards the end of Neandertal history.

Not much is known about Neandertal diversity, or the relation between Neandertals and early humans. That is why the research team of evolutionary biologist Svante Pääbo sequenced the nuclear genome of five late Neandertals, who lived between 39.000 and 47.000 years ago.


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