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News - Aerial Surveys over the North Sea in 2017

A total of 222 flight hours has been performed at sea in the framework of the Belgian North Sea aerial survey programme in 2017. In and nearby the Belgian marine areas 11 spillages were observed, of which 10 operational slicks and 1 accidental spill. During the sulphur emission control flights at sea 49 ships were detected with a high fuel sulphur content. During an international mission for the detection of spillages in the central part of the North Sea where the offshore oil and gas platforms are located, 26 other oil spills were detected.

News - Geopark Famenne-Ardenne Recognised by UNESCO

Bioblitz 2018

“BioBlitz Leopold Park” is a follow-up of how biodiversity has changed –and hopefully increased– in a park located in the heart of Brussels, since the revegetation of the pond and set up of a flowery meadow in 2015. After a short introduction on sampling techniques and insect ecology, 20 citizens are invited to collect insects at the bank of the pond, in the meadow, and in other locations of the park. This participatory event aims at raising citizens awareness about biodiversity in the city.

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News - Reconciling Biodiversity and Carbon Stock Conservation in an Afrotropical Forest Landscape

MONKEYS - Lecture 29.05.2018 Frans de Waal (EN)

To conclude the program of the nocturnes linked to our temporary exhibition MONKEYS, the famous primatologist and ethologist Frans de Waal will give a lecture in BOZAR (Henry Le Boeuf Hall), entiteled Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are? on May 29th 2018.


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