Le Conseil international des musées condamne les attentats dans les musées



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Le Conseil international des musées condamne les attentats dans les musées
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Reinout Verbeke

Le Conseil international des musées (ICOM) condamne les récentes attaques terroristes et la destruction du patrimoine historique. L’ICOM – dont le Muséum des Sciences naturelles est membre – déclare fin mars dans sa newsletter que nous ne pouvons permettre la barbarie de triompher. Il appelle la communauté muséale mondiale à s’unir et à rester résolument ouverte, accessible et sûre. Notre Muséum ne peut que souscrire à ce message.


Le message de l’ICOM :

Keep museums open, accessible, and safe!

The International Council of Museums (ICOM) condemns the recent attacks on museums, their staff members, their visitors, and their collections. The members of ICOM offer heartfelt sympathy to the families of the victims and to our colleagues who have endured such a terrible event.

Museums are places of beauty, knowledge, memory, and peaceful encounters. The staff and volunteers are committed to preserving and sharing the knowledge and creative endeavours of humankind for our own benefit and that of future generations. People visit museums to gain an understanding of other cultures, to take joy in beauty, and to be inspired to create. Those who participate in the slaying of innocent victims and who merely seek destruction cannot be allowed to triumph over the joy we gain by preserving and sharing the best of human endeavour. History will remember them only for their lack of empathy and the atrocities they have committed.

The world museum community stands united in the face of terror and determined to keep museums open, accessible, and safe. Join us.

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