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Delafossite structure of heterogenite polytypes (HCoO2) by Raman and infrared micro-spectroscopy

TitreDelafossite structure of heterogenite polytypes (HCoO2) by Raman and infrared micro-spectroscopy
Type de publicationJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuteursBurlet, C, Goethals, H, Vanbrabant, Y
JournalSpectrochimica Acta Part A
Date PublishedJanuary
Mots-clésGeology, metals, Microscopy, Mineralogical Collection, Molecular, Spectrometry
RésuméHeterogenite is commonly referred in mineralogy literature as a cobalt oxy-hydroxide CoO(OH). However, detailed analysis of Raman and infrared spectra acquired on particularly well-crystallized natural samples of heterogenite suggests that the mineral can be characterized by a delafossite-type structure, with a general chemical formula ABO2. Indeed, the Raman spectrum of heterogenite, along the one with grimaldiite (HCrO2), lacks visible free OH-group vibrational modes, while the infrared spectrum shows strong hydrogen bond absorption bands. HCoO2 is thus a better formulation of heterogenite that describes more clearly its vibrational behavior and avoids the confusion in literature. Electronic backscattered diffraction (EBSD) is then used to distinguish and map the 2H and 3R heterogenite natural polytypes for the first time. The comparison of EBSD and Raman mappings clearly indicates that the 2H polytype is characterized by an additional peak at 1220 cm{-} 1. It's presence/absence is therefore an efficient tool to distinguish both polytypes.
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