Eigene Veröffentlichungen

Das Institut veröffentlicht auch eigene Zeitschriften, wissenschaftliche Berichte, Handbücher und monografische Reihen, deren Bearbeitung, Veröffentlichung und Verbreitung von der Scientific Publication Unit (SPU) koordiniert wird. Dazu gehören das Belgian Journal of Zoology, das European Journal of Taxonomy, Monographs in Natural Sciences, Fauna van België/Faune de Belgique und Memoirs of the Marine Environment.

Für weitere Informationen kontaktieren Sie bitte: SPU@naturalsciences.be.

The Belgian Journal of Zoologyis a joint publication of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences and the Royal Belgian Zoological Society. It is a Diamond Open Access online-only journal of high-quality research articles and short notes in English which are original, of broad interest and hypothesis-driven. 


The European Journal of Taxonomy is published by a consortium of nine European Natural History Institutions and Museums. RBINS is one of the founding members. It is a fully refereed, international, fully electronic Diamond Open Access journal in descriptive taxonomy, covering subjects in zoology (including entomology), botany (in its broadest sense), and palaeontology. 


The Monographs in Natural Sciences comprise stand-alone books providing syntheses on topics in a wide array of scientific fields, such as biology, palaeontology, geology, archaeology or anthropology. The research topics must in some way be linked to the RBINS, either by the involvement of one of the institute’s scientists or by using RBINS collections or by housing a significant part of the studied material in the RBINS collections. Manuscripts can be submitted in English, Dutch, French or German and should be at least 50 pages, including the artwork. Proposals for volumes in the MoNaS series or requests for more information can be sent to spu@naturalsciences.be


The book series “Fauna of Belgium” aims at publishing large, original contributions dealing with the identification, distribution, and faunistics of the living fauna of Belgium. The books are usually produced by synergies between citizen scientists and professional researchers, with the goal to reach a wide audience. As such, manuscripts can be submitted in Dutch, English, French or German. They are published at irregular intervals. Yet, five years after their publication, the books become freely available in PDF format. Please contact the scientific editor, Thierry Backeljau (Thierry.Backeljau@naturalsciences.be), for more information or if you wish to propose a contribution.  



The Memoirs on the Marine Environment  enable dissemination of scientific research papers in the broad field of marine sciences performed at or coordinated by the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, mostly at the Operational Directorate Natural Environments.