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Sauria: a different way to visit the Museum


Sauria is a different way to visit the biggest Dinosaur Gallery in Europe: with a paper map and the accompanying app!

Sauria is a game that guides you around the Dinosaur Gallery and the Mosasaur Hall. Collect fun, colourful, augmented reality dinosaurs by answering the app’s questions. Once you’ve collected them, they appear virtually on your smartphone or tablet. 

The Sauria app is available for free from the App Store and Google Play. You can download it at the entrance to the Dinosaur Gallery, where you can also pick up the game map. 

The Sauria app lets you pick up signals from devices distributed around the Gallery. You’ll receive questions whose answers can be found in the exhibition. Each series of questions ends with an augmented reality experience.

It takes about an hour to answer the five series of questions.

The app saves all the questions and answers, as well as the augmented reality dinosaurs you’ve collected. You can look at them whenever or wherever you want. Why not share them with your friends?

So, what are you waiting for? Charge your smartphone or tablet and come down to the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels!

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