• educational offer for schools
Turn your school trip into an educational highlight with the wide range of activities provided by the educational department! 
In the Museum: 
Give your school group appropriate educational guidance with our guides and activity leaders. With a guided tour, dinosaur story or workshop, they will unravel the present-day or prehistoric animal world, evolution, Earth or mankind through an interactive visit.  If you prefer to lead your school group yourself, then our educational dossiers will help you prepare your visit. With our worksheets, your students will be able to explore exhibition halls within the museum independently. You will find everything you need in the educational documents.
Near your school:
You don't even have to come to the Museum to enjoy an instructive day out. Our travelling science truck will give students an idea of what it’s like to work as a scientist. In Brussels we have touring workshop exhibitions about various aspects of nature. Click below for more information.Want to find out what the educational department has to offer for your class? Then click on the summary per age group. If you are training to become a teacher, you can contact us for a period of work experience. If you are already a teacher, you will get regular updates about what we offer at special teachers’ days. Click below for more information.(available in English, Dutch and French)


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