Citizen science

Research is not solely the domain of scientists: amateurs, volunteers, and schools sometimes play a key role. This is particularly true in the natural sciences. Our institute boasts a tradition of citizen science: monitoring wild birds, cataloging biodiversity, observing animals in the classroom, and more. Citizen science has been on the rise since the advent of digital cameras, GPS devices, and specialized apps and websites that facilitate the sharing of data.

Ongoing projects

Citizen scientists in the news

EU-Citizen.Science: a platform dedicated to citizen science!

The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences is a member of EU-Citizen.Science. The mission of this project is to create THE online platform which will represent the reference point for citizen science. On this platform you will find:

  • Resources that are useful for citizen science practitioners
  • Projects that are engaging the public in research
  • an Events calendar

Past projects

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