The institute has a long tradition of in-house publications, resulting over the years in numerous series of monographs, memoirs, books, papers, reports, etc.

A list of those publications (up to 2002) can be found under “Historic publications”. More recently, the Scientific Publication Unit (SPU) has been founded to continue this tradition into a new era with online publishing besides in-print volumes.

The Institute also publishes its own journals, scientific reports, handbooks and monographic series, whose editing, publication, and distribution are coordinated by the Scientific Publication Unit (SPU). A list of those publications can be found under "Own publications". More information about SPU can be found under “Scientific Publication Unit”.

Some series are not managed by the SPU and information about them is available under “Other publications”.

Each year, the scientific staff of RBINS produces numerous papers and reports, quite often published outside the institute. Consult them at


RBINS Staff bibliography & Open Access Publications