Scientific Publication Unit

The Scientific Publication Unit (SPU) of the Institute of Natural Sciences was established in 2016 with the aim of consolidating all the institute's scientific publications into one service to create a uniform house style and increase the institute's visibility to the public. This also allowed for consistent quality control, thereby improving the quality of the work delivered. Publishing has not been limited to print for quite some time now, but also occurs online, where different rules need to be applied to achieve broader dissemination of scientific information through various databases (the so-called 'data mining and harvesting'). For this reason, it seemed better to assign a separate service to handle publications, which could follow all developments within the sector.

SPU regularly publishes volumes in its own series (see Own Publications), usually in English. Submitted manuscripts are reviewed by the chief editor of each series and subjected to peer review to ensure scientific quality. Upon acceptance, the texts are prepared for publication in print or online by SPU according to a standardized procedure.

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