Policy support

Linking research to policy and action is central to the mission of the Institute of Natural Sciences. To this end, research and monitoring activities are conducted and further developed to substantiate socially relevant policy questions in a wide range of areas. These include but are not limited to nature and biodiversity conservation, management of marine environments, sustainable use of geological resources and safeguarding human health.

To carry out research and monitoring in support of policy, the Institute’s full arsenal is deployed. The broad scientific expertise, widely developed research infrastructure (including molecular and eco-chemical laboratories, a research vessel and a surveillance aircraft) and reference material in the form of one of the largest natural history collections in the world (geological and biological) are indispensable in this context.

Increasing the impact of scientific results also relies on providing science-based, independent and credible advice at the appropriate national and international levels, using relevant and targeted communication. Being active on the science-policy interface adds a significant portion of service-related and legally mandated activities to the Institute’s portfolio, as well as numerous stakeholders. To keep improving and consolidating the Institute’s policy support, the quality, effect and efficiency of this service is continuously evaluated.